200 Club

Now you can back the club and also back yourself – showing your support for Crook Town and having some fun each month trying to win up to £500 at the same time.

Become a member of the Black and Amber 200 Club by submitting the membership form on the club website or going directly to this link https://forms.gle/zvc8Nt7MB8vCkdi16 or alternatively pick up a form at any Home game

You can either pay by Standing Order or by cash to be in with a chance of winning

  • If setting up a Standing Order using Online banking please state your payment reference when completing the sign up form
  • Or if by paper form to your bank attach a copy of your completed standing order submitted to your bank

Your monthly £5 payment gets you one club membership number (allocated by the organisers), and enters you into the monthly draw. All participants must be over 16.

The draw will take place on the last Friday of each month at 9.00pm using a random number generator in the Clubhouse bar for all to witness – starting Friday 28th August 2020

The prize money will be 50% of the membership fee taken that month up to a maximum of £500 per month. The remaining 50% will go to support Crook Town AFC and its football activities.

If you have any questions or need more information please contact :

Chris Macdonald, Black and Amber 200 Club Administrator on 07495 640 062 or email him at BlackandAmber200Club@gmail.com

Previous Winners

August Winner – Number 85 Richie Hill wins £240

September Winner – Number 83 Anthony Verity wins £300

October Winner – Number 65 David Short wins £330

November Winner – Number 68 Jonathan Hughes wins £335

December Winner – Number 74 Bev Dunwell wins £335
Xmas Club Bonus £250 Number 96 – Bisto Holliday

January Winner – Number 53 Lee Varley wins £352.50

February Winner – Number 98 Stephen Thompson wins £360

March Winner – Number 65 David Short wins £365

April Winner – Number 67 Jonathan Hughes

May Winner – Number 91 Dane Eltringham

June Winner – Number 76 Matty Crossen

July Winner – Number 25 John Pearson

August Winner – Number 38 Peter Mapp


The Black and Amber 200 Club Members

001 Annette Crummack

002 Simon Crummack

003 Vince Kirkup

004 Vince Kirkup

005 Vince Kirkup

006 Vince Kirkup

007 Kath Kirkup

008 Kath Kirkup

009 Kath Kirkup

010 Kath Kirkup

011 Gavin Boon

012 Chris MacDonald

013 David Thompson

014 Marcus Thompson

015 Paul Wraith

016 Paul Wraith

017 Chris MacDonald

018 Helen Murphy

019 Paul Fowler

020 Neil Gibson

021 Eric Gibson

022 Graham Readman

023 Ollie King

024 Graham Readman

025 John Pearson

026 Robert Malyon

027 Michael Storey

028 Michelle Hamilton

029 Michelle Hamilton

030 Gavin Boon

031 Harry Moore

032 Lynn Spoors

033 Paul Winter

034 Paul Winter

035 Paul Winter

036 Paul Winter

037 Peter Mapp

038 Peter Mapp

039 Clive Whitton

040 Clive Whitton

041 Clive Whitton

042 Clive Whitton

043 Derek Whitton

044 Derek Whitton

045 Tony Weir

046 Brian Lowe

047 Angela Thompson

048 Angela Thompson

049 John & Alma Warriner

050 Annette Crummack

051 Jake Petitjean

052 Jamie Tunstall

053 Lee Varley

054 Lee Varley

055 Billy Penman

056 Billy Penman

057 Billy Penman

058 Billy Penman

059 Ian Hodkinson

060 Players Pool

061 Players Pool

062 Graham Makepeace

063 Kevin Cooper

064 Joey Smith

065 David Short

066 Jonny Hughes

067 Jonny Hughes

068 Jonny Hughes

069 John Broadhurst

070 Jeff Patterson

071 Michelle Donnelly

072 Ronan Makepeace

073 Dave King

074 Debbie King

075 Helen Murphy

076 Matty Crosen

077 Dale Elgie

078 Joe Hillerby

079 Alan Hopps

080 Kevin Cosgrave

081 Lee Hume

082 Tom Gavin

083 Anthony Verity

084 Micky Colman

085 Chris MacDonald

086 Alex Wilson

087 Calum 'Smiler' Johnston

088 Deano Browne

089 Beth Masterman

090 Harrison Scott

091 Dane Eltringham

092 Laura Sharkey

093 Leah Kirkup

094 Jonathan Smedley

095 Corey Nicholson

096 Christian 'Bisto' Holliday

097  Joe Burke

098 Stuart Thompson

099 Simon Thompson

100 David Herdman

101 Antony Sunter

102 Lee Nelson

103 Ian Johnson

104 Andrea Kirkup

105 Dave SKelton

106 Aaron Skelton

107 Eddy Ryan

108 Eddy Ryan

109 Angela Readman

110 Leah Kirkup

111 Andrea Kirkup

112 Trevor Smith

113 Derek Elliot

114 Trevor Smith

115 Christopher O'Dowd

116 Thomas Barwick

117 Thomas Barwick

118 Richard Norman

119 David Henderson

120 John Ollie Pearson

121 Alan Humble


123 Angela Readman

124 Denise Nicholson

125 Tony Turnbull

126 Eric Keys


128 Andy Turnbull

129 Andrew Verity

130 Steven Dawson

131 Sharon Piggott

132 Jamie Tumilty

133 Carl Boon

134 Donna Makepeace

135 Marc Boughey

136 Jonathan Stansfield

137 Andrew Norman

138 Ian Piggott

139 Ian Piggott

140 Joyce Pearson

141 Dave Hodgson

142 Jonathan Todd

143 Paul Fowler

144 Sarah Rooney

145 David Armstrong

146 Michael Barrass

147 Dave Lippeatt

148 Rosie Lippeat

149 Jordan Fielding






















































The purpose of the Crook Town AFC – Black and Amber 200 Club is to raise funds. The money will be paid into the Crook Town AFC bank account and used to support Crook Town AFC and its football activities.


    1. For a cost of £5 per month (i.e. per draw) you will be allocated one number between 1 and 200 by the club. A member may hold multiple memberships to the Monthly Draw – each costing £5
    2. A draw will be made every month with one 1st prize.
    3. The prize will total 50% of the monthly income.
    4. This will be apportioned as: 1st Prize = 50% of that month’s entries
    5. The ‘Crook Town AFC- Black and Amber 200 Club’ is a private lottery and is open to all members, families and friends of Crook Town AFC. Anyone age 16 or over can join.
    6. It is an offence for raffle entries to be sold to, or by, a person under 16 years of age. If anyone is found to be under 16, they will automatically forfeit their right to a prize.
    7. Payments can be made by standing order – either by submitting the Standing Order Mandate form to your bank or setting up Online, or cash.  One month’s notice is required for cancellation. Payment must be made by the 20th of each month in advance of the draw on the final Friday of that month.
    8. If setting up Standing Order Online include your email address in the reference box
    9. If paying by cash, payment must be made to Vince Kirkup or Chris MacDonald at a home game with your month’s payment in an envelope clearly marked with your name, email address and contact phone number by the 20th of that month.
    10. The first draw will take place on Friday 28th August, 2020, and on the final Friday of each month thereafter at 9pm in the clubhouse bar. Winning entries will be randomly drawn in the presence of at least one independent witness.
    11. The prize amount for each month will be announced prior to the draw each month and will be dependent on the number of valid paid memberships at that point in time. The prize fund is 50% of any money taken
    12. Member’s numbers will only be entered if their subscription is up to date.
    13. If a member has no valid reason for missing a payment, their number may be sold to someone on the reserve list.
    14. Membership will be allocated to the first 200 numbers issued and closed once this number is reached. Membership numbers will be allocated sequentially by the club and published on the club website.
    15. Any applications beyond 200 will be stored on a waiting list in case of any memberships being cancelled or void due to membership fees not paid. In the event that an individual has made a payment but has not been accepted or received a membership number, then that individual will receive a refund equal to the value of their payment received.
    16. In the event of new members joining /re-joining the lowest consecutive number following the last issued membership number will be used.
    17. In the event that you wish to cancel your Monthly Draw membership please email BlackandAmber200Club@gmail.com using the subject ‘B&A 200 Club CANCELLATION’.  Membership will be cancelled on receipt of email.

    The Draw :

    1. The draw will take place on the last Friday of each month at 9pm in the clubhouse bar using a random number generator – all are welcome to attend.
    2. The winner will receive their winnings within one week of the draw
    3. The name and number for each month’s winner will be posted on Crook Town AFC’s Facebook and Twitter accounts
    4. The Black and Amber 200 Club will be run by Crook Town AFC. In case of any dispute the decision of the Club Committee is final.
    5. Unless otherwise advised, a member will be deemed to have left the Crook Town AFC Black and Amber 200 Club if their subscription renewal remains unpaid for a period of one month.
    6. If a winner cannot be contacted, the winnings will be placed into Crook Town AFC funds after six months.